Namibia’s currency is the Namibia dollar (N$), which equals 100 cents. The Namibia dollar is attached to the South African rand (ZAR) and equals it in value. The Namibia dollar as well as the South African are legal tender in Namibia and are accepted as payment anywhere in the country. However the Namibia dollar is not legal tender in South Africa. Namibia dollar notes come as N$10, N$20, N$50, N$100 and N$200.

Traveller’s cheques and foreign currency can be exchanged at any of the commercial banks during regular banking hours. Traveller’s cheques are a good options as they can be easily replaced (if you have the receipt with the serial number), but they are not as convenient as credit cards. You will also find a Bureau de Change at Hosea Kutako International Airport and a variety of money changers in Windhoek’s city centre. Visitors are allowed to bring any amount of foreign currency into the country.

Credit Cards

Credit cards such as MasterCard, American Express, International Visa and Diners Club are accepted and ATMs are available in all major towns. Other card holders should contact their bank to check if the card is accepted. For more information contact any commercial bank.

Petrol can be bought with internationally accepted credit or debit cards. However, not all petrol stations have card facilities, especially in rural areas. Take some cash as back up.


The large commercial banks such as First National Bank, Standard Bank and Nedbank have branches in most major towns and will change foreign currency and traveller’s cheques. Banking hours are usually from 8.30-15.30 and 8.30-11.00 on Saturdays.