Travel Insurance

Even if you are not a very adventurous traveller, insurance is always a good idea. There’s always a chance that something could go wrong and getting travel insurance will cushion the fall. You can usually talk to a travel agent or to your insurance company back home to find out what is your best option. Depending on your insurance package you can expect to be covered for:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Loss or theft of money of belongings
  • Flight departure insurance
  • Baggage

The amount for which you will be covered depends on the policy, so read the contract carefully. To get reimbursed for your loss you will also have to prove the value of your goods, so keep the receipts when buying anything of value.

Health Insurance

Your health insurance plan may or may not cover you for overseas medical bills. If not it is advisable to get travel health insurance, which can be included in your travel insurance package. Also find out if your insurance will make direct payments or reimburse you later. This is important because it is unlikely that you will be treated without advance payment. If you are travelling to remote area it is important that you insurance plan covers emergency transport.

Car Insurance

Almost all car rental companies offer a range of insurance packages. Be sure to check the excess that will be payable in case of an accident. Note that most insurance doesn’t cover smashed windows or broken tires. It is also worth checking whether the car rental company allows you to cross borders and if you rented a sedan, whether you are allowed on gravel roads.