Community Campsites

If you like being out in the wild, camping is probably your choice of accommodation.
Namibia’s many community campsites are located in such beautiful settings that you wouldn’t want to spend any more time indoors than you have to. Away from modern day amenities and commitments you have little more to do than to prepare delicious meals on the open fire, watch the sun go down and wake up as the sun slowly warms the earth. Namibia’s community-based tourism is focussed on well facilitated campsites in untouched African landscapes. As campers don’t require much luxury the campsites are basic, but all the facilities are in excellent condition. Communal areas, office buildings and ablutions block are built with as many local materials as possible. Reeds, thatch and sapling poles are popular materials while some campsites taking advantage of boulder alcoves and riverbanks to enhance the natural experience. Shaded lapa areas and kitchen sinks give campers all the luxury they need, while particular care is taken to respect the environment. Solar panels and the highly efficient wood-burning ‘donkeys’ generate hot water in a sustainable way, while some of lookout decks over riverbanks make for an exquisite accommodation experience without the hefty price tag.

Support Local Initiatives

Community campsites provide cheap accommodation and let allow you to fully experience the best part of Namibia – her untouched natural environment. By choosing community run establishments you are also supporting local people. Many of the camps also have museums, cultural villages, guided tours and outlets for local crafts people. The profit from any of the initiatives directly supports Namibia’s communities, craftsmen and conservation. For you the campsites can be an interesting cultural experience and a place to meet new friends. Many campsites are ideal bases for hikers, birders, 4×4 enthusiasts or just regular tourists stopping over to view local attractions.