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Windhoek Attractions


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One of Windhoek s most prominent landmarks is the Christuskirche or Christ Church. The Lutheran Church was constructed in 1907 and opened in 1910 after the end of the Nama and HereroRead more


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Namibia s parliament building was completed in 1904 and became known as the Tintenpalast German for Ink Palace because of the amount of ink used for the bureaucracy. The building was constructedRead more

Heroes Acre

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One of Namibia’s most recent monuments is the war memorial Heroes Acre which is located about 10 km south of Windhoek. Heroes Acre honours Namibia’s liberation struggle and was inaugurated after Namibia’sRead more

National Botanical Garden of Namibia

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This green lung is located on a hill between Klein Windhoek and the city centre. The National Botanical Garden of Windhoek has been a conservation area since 1969 and represents the diversityRead more

Gross-Barmen Hot Springs Resort

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With only a 100 km drive from Windhoek Gross-Barmen Hot Springs Resort is a popular retreat for health and beauty conscious travellers and well as independent travellers on their way to theRead more

Okahandja Cultural Village

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Despite being a mostly arid country Namibia has a fascinating array of traditional cultures. While it is rare to catch several of these traditional cultures in one location Bertha Mbundu a culturalRead more
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Rehoboth Museum

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The town of Rehoboth is the home of the intlink id= 96 type= page Rehoboth Basters /intlink a people descendant from the children of Dutch settlers with Khoekhoe women. The Basters haveRead more


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The flat-topped Gamsberg rises 500 metres above the surrounding Khomas Hochland. The plateau measures 2 347 metres above sea level making it Namibia s fourth tallest mountain. Situated in the Gamsberg NatureRead more

Spreetshoogte Pass

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The Namib Desert and the Khomas Hochland are connected by one of the most scenic mountain passes in Namibia. The Spreetshoogte Pass which forms part of the D1275 from Rehoboth to SolitaireRead more

The Living Hunters Museum of the Ju/ Hoansi-San

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The Living Hunters Museum of the Ju/ Hoansi-San is unique as it is the only place where the San are still permitted to exercise their traditional hunt. While the hunt with poisonedRead more

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