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Waterberg Attractions

Hoba Meteorite

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Close to Grootfontein lies a 50-ton ball of nickel and iron that is the world’s largest known meteorite. In the 1980’s the Hoba Meteorite, which lies on the farm Hoba West, wasRead more

Dinosaur Footprints

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Once upon a time 150 to 185 million years ago a two-legged dinosaur left his three-toed footprints about 29 km south-east of what is now Kalkveld. Today you have to pay aRead more

Dragons Breath

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A few kilometres east of Tsumeb lies the world’s largest underground lake. Ropes and caving equipment are needed to descent into the cave known as Dragon’s Breath. In this cave 60 metresRead more
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Okaepe Living Museum

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This school project was initiated by Batseba Rukero the headmistress of the primary school in Okaepe. At the Okaepe Living Museum school children perform every day scenes, traditional dances, games and songsRead more

The Living Museum of the Ju/Hoansi-San

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In the small village of Grashoek The Living Museum of the Ju/ Hoansi-San offers an authentic experience of one of the world’s oldest cultures. At Grashoek close to Grootfontein San people inRead more

Grootfontein Museum

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Atop a scenic hill sits the Grootfontein Museum also known as Das Alte Fort Museum. The building was erected as a fortress by the German Schutztruppe in 1896 and the tower wasRead more

Ghaub Caves

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The entrance to the Ghaub Caves is a mere hole in the ground situated near a historical mission station that was converted into the Ghaub Farm in 1895. The first written reportRead more

Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch

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Fascinated with large reptiles? Keen for a culinary adventure? Then check out the Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch. Just outside of Otjiwarongo lies one of the few captive breeding facilities for the Nile crocodile.Read more

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