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This historical town 88 km South of Windhoek is home to the very localised Rehoboth Baster community. Mixed descendants of Khoi Khoi and Dutch imigrants the intlink id= 96 type= page RehobothRead more
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The diamond mining town of Oranjemund was only recently opened to the public. Situated on the northern banks of the Orange River this town marks the extreme southwest of Namibia. Oranjemund isRead more


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Swakopmund is a coastal town that packs in a lot of attractions. From colonial architecture to sandy beaches, a mineral museum and walks in the dunes; there is lots to do. ButRead more

Walvis Bay

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Namibia’s main harbour town benefits from its setting. With a lagoon known for its prolific birdlife the largest harbour in the country and towering dunes in the background Walvis Bay has aRead more


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In many ways the remote coastal town of Luderitz seems frozen in time. As the geographical starting point of German colonial rule the town has preserved much of the German architecture andRead more

Katima Mulilo

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The capital of the Caprivi Region is a lively urban centre with a mix of seven languages and many wooden and woven crafts for sale. Situated in the heart of Southern AfricaRead more


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Keetmanshoop is the urban centre that ties together the attractions of southern Namibia such as the Fish River Canyon or the quiver tree forest and it is a popular stop on theRead more


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Windhoek is not your typical African city. A solid infrastructure and a high level of cleanliness and efficiency give Windhoek quite a European feel. The eclectic mix of Namibian people and theRead more


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By Namibian standards Tsumeb is incredibly green. Thick bushes and trees on the side of the road have given Tsumeb a reputation as Namibia’s Garden Town. Comparatively high rainfall also put TsumebRead more


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On the banks of the Okavango River Rundu is the main town of the Kavango Region. Situated on the border to Angola Rundu’s population is growing rapidly. While people in the KavangoRead more

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