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Sossusvlei Attractions


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Namibia is famous for its perfect desert landscapes. Flowing ridges of rusty dunes contrasted by a clear blue sky can be seen in many glossy travel magazines. These images are all takenRead more

Welwitschia Trail

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A popular drive within the Namib-Naukluft Park is the Welwitschia Trail. Stone beacons along the way point out attractions along the way. Scattered along the route is an extraordinary concentration of WelwitschiaRead more

Sesriem Canyon

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Four kilometres south from the little town of Sesriem lies the areas only permanent water source. Sesriem Canyon is a 1 km long depression that was carved by erosion. Steep walls ofRead more

Sandwich Harbour

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The bay of Sandwich Harbour was deserted when the small port started silting up. Over the years nature has reclaimed this area and today Sandwich Harbour is home to a scenic andRead more

Duwisib Castle

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Driving through the arid land south of Maltah he Duwisib Castle is a mirage-like appearance. Among the rolling hills of the Namibian landscape the red sandstone castle seems to have been teleportedRead more

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