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Kaokoland Attractions

Desert Elephants

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The mostly arid Kunene Region is scarce on big game. Surprisingly enough a desert adapted version of the world’s largest land mammal makes a living in this stark habitat. Namibia’s desert elephantsRead more

Himba Settlements

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The Himba grace many photographs and travel magazines. Tall ochre coloured people with ornate hairstyles and magnificent jewellery stand in the forefront of stark desert landscapes. The Himba have resisted many facetsRead more

Epupa Falls

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Well off the track beaten by most of Namibia s visitors and tour busses the Epupa Falls area is a little Eden for nature lover. The sound of the rushing water isRead more

Marienfluss Valley

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Many describe the drive through the Marienfluss Valley to the Kunene River as one of the most beautiful experiences in Namibia. The valley framed by the Otjihipa and Hartmann mountains is theRead more

Khowarib Schlucht

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This gorge is a natural passage and popular 4×4 route through a mountainous area west of Etosha. Khowarib Schlucht turns off from the C43 and is part of an 80km trail thatRead more

Ruacana Falls

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The Ruacana Falls on the Angolan border are one of Africa’s largest waterfalls. In full flow the Kunene River can create a sheet of water that is 120 metres high and 700Read more

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