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Fish River Attractions

Desert Horses

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The Desert Horses that roam the arid plains between Ludertiz and Aus are a bit of a living legend. The feral animals roam an area of about 350 km and radiate anRead more

Quiver Tree Forest and Giants Playground

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The quiver tree is a curious plant. The aloe species grows 3-5 metres tall with a thick silvery trunk that branches out several times to form a rounded crown of many greenRead more

Fish River Canyon

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Among Namibia’s many fascinating geological features the Fish River Canyon is the grandest. Second in size only to the Grand Canyon in Arizona this mighty 160 km ravine was carved by theRead more


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Located in the Deep South of Namibia Warmbad is a small settlement with a rich history. The first European settlers passed though Warmbad in 1760 and named it after the hot springsRead more

Mesosaurus Fossil Site

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Forty-two kilometres north-east of Keetmanshoop father and son Steenkamp discovered the imprint of a reptile in a rock on their farm. Geologists identified this fossil as Mesosaurus tenuidens. More fossils were unearthedRead more
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Among the German colonial architecture of Luderitz Goerkehaus, on the slopes of Diamond Mountain, is the most magnificent building. The colonial mansion was built by Hans Goerke who came to Namibia with theRead more

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