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Damaraland Attractions


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Namibia’s first World Heritage Site is a huge open-air gallery of more than 2000 rock engravings. Twyfelfontein is home to one of Africa’s largest and most important collections of rock art. TheRead more

Petrified Forest

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In a dry riverbed between Khorixas and Twyfelfontein the Petrified Forest is a large collection of fossilized tree trunks. The forest is situated in a dry riverbed where the wood was washedRead more

Burnt Mountain

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In the otherwise barren area south of Twyfelfontein the Burnt Mountain is the colourful highlight. Especially in the golden light of the early morning and late afternoon the sedimentary rock formations contrastRead more

Organ Pipes

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The separation of supercontinent Gondwana into Africa and South America 125 million years ago is the cause of a number of geological curiosities in Namibia’s Damaraland. The Organ Pipes south of TwyfelfonteinRead more

Finger Rock

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The 35 metres tall Finger Rock also known by its Afrikaans name Vingerklip is the dominating landmark on the road between Khorixas and Outjo. Vingerklip and a group of rock formations knownRead more

The Damara Living Museum

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The Damara along with the San are among Namibia’s oldest inhabitants. Today little remains of the traditional Damara culture but a community close to Twyfelfontein has taken up the task of reconstructingRead more


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Namibia's highest peak

Namibia’s highest peak is part of the Brandberg massif which covers an area of about 650 km. Kunigstein is the highest point at 2 573 metres and is a popular challenge toRead more

Erongo Mountain Conservancy

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The 200 000 hectares Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy is an area with many little highlights. The Erongo Mountains are a hotspot for rare and endemic species and rock art can be foundRead more


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Rising high above the surrounding plains the Spitzkoppe became known as the Matterhorn of Namibia . This group of imposing granite peaks is similar in shape to the Swiss alpine mountain. TheRead more

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