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Martin Luther

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Transporting heavy loads through the desert was a serious problem for German colonialists in the late 1800s. Because the oxen often died during in the arid conditions the German Lieutenant Edmund TroostRead more

Swakopmund Museum

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Set between the palm trees on the popular beach promenade at The Mole the Swakopmund Museum covers a wide variety of interesting subjects. Displays range from a 27-million-year old fossil, meteorite chunks,Read more

Woermann House

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Recognizable by its tower the Woermann House in Swakopmund was built in 1905 for the Damara and Namaqua Trading Company. In 1909 the building was sold to Woermann Brock which also ranRead more

Otavi-Bahn Building and Snake Park

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The Otavi-Bahn Building in Swakopmund was built as a station building in 1906. The OMEG Otavi Mining and Railway Company ran a railway from the copper mines in Tsumeb to Swakopmund fromRead more
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Swakopmund Aquarium

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The Swakopmund Aquarium introduces visitors the vibrant marine life of the icy Benguela Current. The large 12×8 metre tank has a glass tunnel allowing guests to get close the sharks kabeljou steenbrasRead more

Kristall Galerie

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Swakopmund s Kristall Galerie is located in an unusual building with geometric forms growing out of its fa ade. Large mineral rocks outside the building hint the content of this museum andRead more

Swakopmund Saltworks

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One of the best birding spot in the coastal area are the Swakopmund Saltworks. The large shallow pans are filled with seawater. The water evaporates over a period of 15 months andRead more

Walvis Bay Lagoon

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The Walvis Bay Lagoon is one of the most important wetlands for coastal birds in Southern Africa. Flamingos form pink clouds above the lagoon and pelicans abound. The importance of the lagoonRead more

Rhenish Mission Church

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Walvis Bay’s oldest standing building is the Rhenish Mission Church on 5th Road. The building is unique as it is made completely from foreign timber. The structure was built in Hamburg beforeRead more

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

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In 1486 Portuguese explorer Diogo C o erected a stone cross on the Namibian coastline. While replicas of the padr o can still be seen at Cape Cross the area is nowRead more

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