The Namib Desert and the Khomas Hochland are connected by one of the most scenic mountain passes in Namibia. The Spreetshoogte Pass which forms part of the D1275 from Rehoboth to Solitaire is also Namibia s steepest mountain pass. The pass winds its way over the Great Escarpment with gradients between 1:4.5 and 1:6. The top of the pass has a viewpoint affording scenic views of the Namib Desert. Spreetshoogte Pass was built by farmer Nicolas Spreeth using little but quartzite rocks and dynamite. Spreeth s motivation was to access a supply stop at Namib Grens Farm on the top of the mountain. This bus stop could only be accessed by a detour via Remhoogte Pass or via a steep zebra path. Spreeth decided to develop the zebra path into a road and did work on this project every time he had to access the supply stop. Eventually the pass was completed and now carries his name. Spreetshoogte Pass is only passable for vehicles without trailers.