Rising high above the surrounding plains the Spitzkoppe became known as the Matterhorn of Namibia . This group of imposing granite peaks is similar in shape to the Swiss alpine mountain. The mountains formed some 700 million years ago and a number of San rock painting proves human habitation 2 000 to 4 000 years ago. Unfortunately much of the rock art has been vandalized. A steep ascent assisted by a steel cable takes visitors to Bushman’s Paradise on the eastern side of the mountain. An overhang in this area displays the remains of several paintings. More rock art can be seen at Small Bushman’s Paradise and Golden Snake. Spitzkoppe’s highest point lies 1 728 metres above sea level and the steep granite walls stand as a challenge to rock climbers. The peak is impossible to ascend without some technical climbing and hence Spitzkoppe was summited as late as 1946. Today a variety of routes are well established making the rounded granite peaks a popular site for rock climbing. Spitzkoppe lies nort-west of Usakos. A popular stop on the way to the mountain is the iba- as Crystal Market at the D1918 turn-off on the B2. There is a secluded rest camp close to Spitzkoppe which makes for a great base from where you can explore the Spitzkoppe mountains.