The bay of Sandwich Harbour was deserted when the small port started silting up. Over the years nature has reclaimed this area and today Sandwich Harbour is home to a scenic and completely pristine lagoon. The area south of Walvis Bay is accessible only by 4×4 vehicles and off-road enthusiast will enjoy the challenge of the deep sand. As part of the Namib-Naukluft Park the Sandwich Harbour trail takes visitors through an unspoilt coastal desert. Framed by pale towering dunes the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon is an important breeding ground for many fish species and a proper birding hotspot. A large number of coastal and freshwater birds frequent the lagoon which is fed by an inland aquifer. Anglers come to this area to cast their lines in the icy water of the Atlantic Ocean. Rumours of shipwrecks full of ivory and gold have given Sandwich harbour an air of mystique. However none of the fortune seekers have found any treasures here. Permits to drive into Sandwich Harbour can be obtained from the MET offices in SwakopmundSesriem, Walvis Bay and Windhoek. Driving and angling are prohibited in selected areas and angling is completely forbidden from 25 January to 15 April. Overnight camping is prohibited at Sandwich Harbour.