On the banks of the Okavango River Rundu is the main town of the Kavango Region. Situated on the border to Angola Rundu’s population is growing rapidly. While people in the Kavango region traditionally lived on fishing and farming Rundu’s citizens are increasingly moving into trade and tourism. Rundu Airport handles cargo destined for Angola and DRC and welcomes tourists flying in to experience the Kavango area and the Caprivi Strip. Rundu is a popular stopover on the B8 and the Trans-Carprivi Highway leading into the Caprivi Strip and eventually into Zambia. One of the highlights in Rundu are the Kavango Woodcarvers. The ancient craft has been handed down through the generations and is an important source of income for many families in the region. Watch the skilled craftsmen perform their art at the Mbungura Woodcarvers Co-operative which is also where you can purchase their products.