Despite being a mostly arid country Namibia has a fascinating array of traditional cultures. While it is rare to catch several of these traditional cultures in one location Bertha Mbundu a cultural entrepreneur has now created a space where Namibia s cultural diversity is highly concentrated. The Okahandja Cultural Village is a place for visitors to experience and meet Namibia s people but it is also an opportunity for Namibians to make a living from their traditional lifestyles. The cultural village is situated 10 km outside of the village of Okahandja north of Windhoek and covers an area of about 27 hectares. The cultural groups currently represented are the intlink id= 94 type= page Owambo /intlink intlink id= 82 type= page Damara /intlink intlink id= 98 type= page San /intlink intlink id= 100 type= page Tswana /intlink intlink id= 78 type= page Caprivians /intlink intlink id= 86 type= page Himba /intlink and intlink id= 84 type= page Herero /intlink . The people of the village live in traditional homesteads and use skills passed down through the generations to sustain themselves and produce arts and crafts. Traditional crops are grown on the land to produce foods and drinks. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the different Namibian lifestyles and traditions while locals are encouraged to become part of the initiative. Bertha Mbundu is hoping to soon add a restaurant and a souvenir shop.