In 1868 Finish missionary Martti Rautanen left for Namibia. He arrived in Olukonda two years later and spent the rest of life there and became known as Nakambale the one who wears a hat among the locals. The mission house is now the Nakambale Museum and one of the best places to experience Owambo culture. The museum lies in the village of Olukonda 14 km south-west of Ondangwa and includes a church and a traditional Ngonga Homestead. Magdalena Kaante the friendly manager offers tours of the museum and the adjacent village where guests can taste traditional Owambo meals. Martti Rautanen lived in Olukonda from 1870 until his death in 1926. He translated the Bible and hyms into Ndonga and was a keen student of the indigenous culture. Rautanen made meteorological observations did botanical research and became a respected personality in Namibia and back home receiving an honorary doctorate at the University of Helsinki.