Situated in the eastern Caprivi Strip the Mudumu National Park enjoys abundant water supplies and is home to and untamed wilderness with many big game species and an impressive diversity of birds. Mudumu was declared a national park in 1990. Bordered by the Kwando River in the east with the Mudumu Mulapo fossil river course running through it this Caprivian park is an oasis of lush mopane woodlands. The 1 010 km Mudumu National Park has a combination of dense vegetation and abundant water that is home to a prolific birdlife. Jacanas several species of coucals, swamp boubous, cisticolas, greater swamp-warblers, Hartlaub’s babblers, slaty egrets and rosy-throated longclaws are of particular interest to birders. More than 400 bird species have been recorded in Mudumu National Park. Wildlife in the park includes elephant, buffalo, kudu, impala, roan antelope and Burchell’s zebra as well as the rarer red lechwe and the shy sitatunga. Hippos and crocodiles laze around the riverbanks while spotted-necked otter can be seen in the waterways. There is a basic campsite in the park. Visitors must be self-sufficient and carry adequate amounts of food water and fuel.