The 200 000 hectares Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy is an area with many little highlights. The Erongo Mountains are a hotspot for rare and endemic species and rock art can be found in caves within the conservancy. Especially birders will frolic at the prospect of seeing rare species such as the peregrine falcon the booted eagle and the black eagle. Many leopards and brown hyena roam the area while black-faced impala and black rhino are waiting to be reintroduced to the Erongo Mountains. The endemic species include Hartmann’s zebra and Angolan dwarf python as well as rockrunner, Ruppell’s parrot, white-tailed shrike and Hartlaub’s francolin. The Erongo area has many rock paintings and engravings but the most famous one is found in Philipp’s Cave and is known as the White Elephant . The cave can only be reached on foot and the walk takes about 45 minutes.